Pokemon GO Nihilego Raid Guide: Best Counters and Weaknesses in the World

Here's everything you must know to beat Nihilego in Pokemon GO. From here's the best Pokemon you need to use to combat this Ultra Beast.

Here’s everything you should know to beat Nihilego in Pokemon GO, including the best Pokemon you could use to counter this ultra-beast.

If you take your glitzy beasts in Pokemon Go, it is a difficult task. If you can’t defeat all the four Raids without a chance to catch them, it’s a difficult task.

Nihilego has been the first one to enter Pokemon GO back in 2022. Although players were surprised by their arrival in the game, they expected to be harsh on beating it in Raids.

There are things you need to know for the dungeon.

Table of contents.

  • How To Beat the Nihilego in Pokemon Go GO Full Raid Guide.
    • When is Nihilego in Pokemon GO Raids?
    • Nihilego Type
    • Nihilego Weaknesses
    • Nihilego Resistances
  • Pokemon will be better than Nihilego in raids.


How to beat Nihilego in Pokemon GO Guide to full-fetched killing.

When is Nihilego in Pokemon GO Raids?

Nihilego is playing Pokemon GO Raids on the 27th August. It’ll appear right after the event.

Find out what time Nihilego and all the other Ultra Beasts are in Raids.

Nihilego Type

Nihilego is an ultrabest called Poison/Rock. You need to consider this double typing feature before starting to work.

When you get started with a game, check out our Pokemon GO Guide so you can pick your best.


Nihilego Weaknesses

  • Ground
  • Psychic
  • Steel
  • Water

Nihilego has a double weakness in Ground-type attacks, meaning they do 256% damage to them. De plus, attacks like the other three types of ones above can be a 50% reduction.

Nihilego Resistances

  • Poison
  • Bug
  • Fairy
  • Fire
  • Flying
  • Normal

The above types of attacks harm Nihilego less. Because of its double resistance to Poison, attacks will only deal 39,1 %, while the other types that Nihilego is resisting are 62,5 %.


The best Pokemon I can counter Nihilego in Raids.

The best counters of Nihilego for Raids are oxyel-like Pokemon like Ecadrill, Garchomp and Landorus. Pokemon with Ground attacks should also do a lot of damage.

These are our top 10 Pokemon against Nihilego: 1.

PokemonImageFast AttackFast AttackCharged Attack ExcadrillMud-SlapDrill Run. LandorusMud ShotEarth Power. GarchompMod ShotOarth Power. Slap-Earthquake, RhyperiorMud Earthquake. GroudonMud ShotEarthquake KakadileWurzel-MoneySlapEarthquake: the swindling of a wolf. Power of GolurkMud-SlapEarth. Mamoswine-SlapBulldoze. Mega KangaskhanMud-SlapEarthquake: The earthquake strikes me. GolemMud-SlapEarthquake.

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