Pokemon GO Nihilego Raid Guide: Best Counters & Weaknesses

Pokemon GO Nihilego Raid Guide

Here’s everything you need to know to beat Nihilego in Pokemon GO, including the best Pokemon to use to take on this Ultra Beast!

Catching all the Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO is a challenging task as you will have to defeat the four Raids in order to have a chance to catch them.

Nihilego was the first Ultra monster to ever appear in Pokemon GO when it debuted in GO Fest 2022. While players were surprised by his arrival in the game, they expected that it would be difficult to beat him in raids.

Here’s everything you need to know to defeat Nihilego in raids!

Pokemon GO Nihilego Portal

How to beat Nihilego in Pokemon GO – Full Raid Guide

When is Nihilego in Pokemon GO Raids?

Nihilego is in Pokemon GO Raids during the GO Fest Finale event on August 27. It will appear right at the end of the event.

Check the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Finale Raid schedule to see when Nihilego and all the other monsters will be in the raids.

Nihilego type

Nihilego is a super Poison/Rock type monster. This double writing means that it has a lot of weaknesses and resistances that you should consider before fighting it.

Also before you set out on the raid, be sure to check out our complete Pokemon GO guide to raids for all the tips and tricks you need to beat mighty Raid bosses.

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Final Event

Nihilego’s weaknesses

Nihilego has a double weakness on Earth type attacks, which means it deals 256% damage. In addition, the attacks of the other three types mentioned above will deal 160% damage.

Nihilego . Resistors

  • cm
  • an insect
  • fairy
  • Fire
  • airline
  • natural

The above types of attacks cause less damage to Nihilego. Due to its dual resistance to poison, those attacks will only deal 39.1% damage while other species Nihilego resists will deal 62.5% damage.

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Nihilego Pokemon GO Pokedex

Best Pokemon to face Nihilego in raids

The best counters to use Nihilego in raids are powerful ground-type Pokemon such as Ecadrill, Garchomp, and Landorus. However, any Pokemon with ground attacks should deal a lot of damage to it.

These are our top 10 Pokémon to use against Nihilego:

There are also three other monsters to defeat in Pokemon GO. Here’s how to beat them:

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