Pokemon GO Phermosa Raid Guide: Best Counters and Weaknesses

Pokemon GO Phermosa Raid Guide

Here’s everything you need to know to beat Ultra Beast Phermosa in Pokemon GO Raids, including the best counters to take down!

Ultra Beast Raids are some of the biggest challenges any Pokemon GO player will face in the game. However, this does not mean that defeating the Ultra Beasts is impossible.

Insect vermosa may not seem very harsh, but it is much stronger than it appears. So, you have to be well prepared if you want to beat it.

Fortunately, we’ve put together all the info you need for you and your Raid to beat Phermosa in Pokemon GO. Use these tips and best pokemon counters and the raid should be a breeze.

But first, make sure you find out everything you need to know about Raids in Pokemon GO!

Permosa Golden Ras Berry

How to beat Phermosa in Pokemon GO – Full Raid Guide

Phermosa is an ultra powerful beast, so in order to defeat him in raids, you’ll need to exploit his weakness and use some powerful Pokemon to counter him.

We also recommend a team of at least 5 strong Pokemon Trainers to beat this Ultra Beast.

When is Phermosa in Pokemon GO Raids?

Phermosa will be in Raids at a few points throughout the day during the GO Fest Finale 2022 event on August 27.

Check the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Finale Raid schedule to find out exactly when.

vermosa type

Vermosa is a super insect/fighting type monster. This means that it has a number of weaknesses that Pokemon trainers can exploit.

However, it also resists a number of different types of attacks.

Phermosa Pokemon GO Ultra Beast

Weaknesses of vermosa

Phermosa is a weak vulnerability to Flying-type attacks, which means it deals 256% damage to this super monster. Meanwhile, the rest of these species cause 160% damage to vermosa.

fermosa resistance

  • fighting
  • a land
  • an insect
  • herb
  • dark

You’ll want to avoid using Pokemon of the above types in Phermosa Raids because it withstands 63% of the damage from these types of attacks.

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Phermosa Pokemon GO Catch

Best Pokemon to face Fermosa in Raids

Due to Phermosa’s double Flying weakness, all counters best to use in Phermosa Raids have powerful Flying type attacks. This makes Pok√©mon like Mega Pidgeot, Moltres, and Rayquaza perfect for taking down Phermosa.

These are our top 10 Pokemon to use in Phermosa Raids:

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