Pokemon Sword and Mystery Shield Code Gets Ash Dragonite Players

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The latest Mystery Pokemon Sword and Shield Gift Distribution event continues, with players now able to add Ash’s Dragonite to their team.

Pokemon Fans may mostly focus on the future pokemon scarlet and violet More than anything else, but it is fair to say that there are still many who enjoy their adventures in the Galar region. Pokemon sword and shield. Pokemon sword and shield Still worth it Pokemon Players can check it out thanks to special distribution events that give fans a chance to add special Pokémon to their collection.

Last Pokemon sword and shield The distribution event is all about the Ash Ketchum Pokemon team from the anime. Special mysterious gift codes are given Pokemon sword and shield Players can recreate the Ash team within the game. The first such Pokemon released as part of this event was Ash’s Dracovish, but now that code has expired, and a new one is available that allows players to claim Ash’s Dragonite for their deck. Ash’s Dragonite symbol is as follows: UM1N0KESH1N.

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To redeem the mysterious gift code in Pokemon sword and shieldPlayers simply need to go to the Mysterious Gifts section of the pause menu. After entering the code, players will have Ash’s Dragonite on their team. Like Ash’s Dracovish and other Pokemon that are served as part of this Pokemon sword and shield Distribution event, this Dragonite is level 80, so it should be a great addition to anyone’s Pokemon team.

pokemon sword and shield dragonite code

Ash’s Dragonite in Pokemon sword and shield He has a jolly nature and the ability to inner focus. As for her moves, she knows Dragon Claw, Draco Meteor, Hurricane and Dragon Dance, all of which are very useful. Pokemon sword and shield players. Fans can look forward to adding the rest of the Ash Pokémon to Pokemon sword and shield In the coming weeks, although they will have their tokens, players will need to enter them to collect them.

The codes are still a mystery at this point, but on September 2, Pokemon sword and shield Players can look forward to Ash’s Gengar being added to the game, while Sirfetch’d will be added on September 9th. Recent Pokemon have been added as part of this Pokemon sword and shield The distribution event is Lucario, who will be added to the lineup on September 16th. Pokemon sword and shield Players will have a limited time to claim their Pokemon themselves, so Pokemon Fans should make sure to use the codes ASAP.

Pokemon sword and shield Now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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