Red Sonja, starring Matilda Lutz, officially begins production

Matilda Lutz Red Sonja

red sonia Production has officially started. The film, starring Matilda Lutz, is a remake of the movie red sonia Caricature. Previously, an adaptation was made in 1985, which starred Brigitte Nielsen in the title role.

Red Sonja is a character created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith in 1973. It was partially inspired by Robert E. Howard’s character Red Sonya of Rogatino from his short story “The Shadow of the Vulture”. Sonya quickly became an archetype of the bikini-clad serial warrior who would dominate the genre for many years to come. Although the movie has already found its Red Sonja movie in Ant man and the wasp Star Hannah Jon Kamen, Jon Kamen appears to have pulled out of the role due to scheduling conflicts, and Matilda Lutz will now play the role.

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Millennium Media has announced that principal photography has begun for red sonia On August 23. In addition to Lutz in the title role, the studio has also announced some additional cast members. Wallis Day, star sex/life And the BatumanAnd the She is portrayed as Annisia (in the comics, known as Dark Annisia, the evil half-sister of Red Sonja). Robert Sheehan is a star incompetent and Netflix’s Umbrella Academy (entering its fourth and final season) He will play the role of Draygan.

Red Sonja, known in the comics as She-Devil With a Sword, will also be joined on screen by characters such as Hawk (played by Michael Bisping), General Carlack (Martin Ford), and Amark (Eliza Mantengo). Other cast members include Manal Al Fitori as Ayala, and Katrina Dorden as Saevus. MJ Bassett was hired to direct the film with a screenplay by Joey Soloway and Tasha Huo. Production will begin at the Bulgarian studio Nu Boyana, while additional filming will take place at the Greek studio Nu Boyana.

red sonia It appears to be a faithful adaptation of the comics. Fans of the Sword and Sorcery movies will surely want to check it out. Howard’s work is best known for shaping the genre, with Conan the Barbarian It is one of his most famous creations. the original Conan the BarbarianAnd the which also appeared in the 1980s along with red sonia The film, as happened to the star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who went to portray Lord Callidore in red sonia Movie.

While the original movie has become a cult classic due to its contemporary vibe, this new mod is likely to grab the audience’s attention. His choice is indeed exciting, as talents like Sheehan are no stranger to comedic adaptations, and their visuals are sure to be promising.

red sonia In production now.

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source: Millennium Media

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