Soul Pirates 2: Team Building Tips

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Soul Pirates 2It, like other JRPGS games, relies heavily on fighting and hitting the main characters to advance the story. While saving the world in the name of Ringo, a powerful, intelligent AI, players team up with Demons and Demon Summoners against their enemies. Players can make major strategic moves outside of the settlement to strengthen their teams.

Demons are equipped with skills and effects, and like the group members, they can level up as they win battles and gain experience. Players can use these skills with MP, and as they level up, they gain stronger abilities. Depending on the type of skills and their effects, they can give players significant advantages in battle. Since the main hero is traveling with 3 other characters, there is a possibility that there will be 4 demons equipped for the team, so a good mix of abilities is possible with proper planning. Here are team building tips for Soul Pirates 2.

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Learn skill convergences

Skills are categorized by affinity. Connections are the type of power or source behind a skill, and some types of demons are more likely to have certain connections than others. The various affinities and definitions are listed below:

  • physical Fistfight.
  • Fire – Flame and heat.
  • Electricity Lighting and electric currents.
  • He destroys Toxicity and toxicity.
  • Recovery Healing powers.
  • Shooting – Projectile weapons.
  • ice Freezing powers.
  • Power Psychological strength.
  • Almighty Great but unknown optical power.

Weak and Resistance Skills

Demon types are weak or resisting certain skills. This is usually due to the type of species; For example, some species are more likely to use fire connections, so they are weak for ice skills and take more damage from them. This is important to know when equipping party members with demons because the team faces the same weaknesses and resistance.

Many types of demons attack players when exploring dungeons, so keeping a well-rounded squad will make these encounters easier. If players use an attack to which their opponent is weak, it creates a Stack. Once 4 stacks occur, it runs on Saturday. Saturdays are powerful group attacks that hit all targets on the field.

negative convergences

Negative connections are skills that do no harm and only affect the demon who uses them. Instead, they add perks like more MP or make certain skill affinities that would normally damage the user to Null. This can be the difference between KO and winning certain fights.

You have dedicated support roles

Some demons excel in healing, stature, and restorative movements. Having at least one support demon on the team will keep players on the field longer or give them advantages. Fairies, in particular, have strong support skills. Some skills have natural healing abilities for one or more team members or temporarily increase their team’s offensive and defensive stats. So, if a group member gets a KO or experiences a status condition, the support role can use their roles to use a consumable item to process it. There are also skills that will change the connections that players weaken or resist.

Summoner Error Processing

Summoner errors go hand in hand with demon skills. It can be Augments, Boost or Arcanas. They are ranked by rank, and COMP upgrades are required for the highest ranked bug. Bugs are named based on the connections they reinforce, such as Ruin Augment I and I, Ruin Augment II, and Ruin Augment III. Players can obtain Mistiques by upgrading their demons. Once the demons have learned the maximum available skill, they will give a Mistique to show their appreciation and strengthen their relationship with Ringo. Players can coordinate their party members equipped with demons and skills with their lost to give themselves a boost. However, some Mistiques do not correspond to certain party members, so no duplication only works. Experiment with matches to maximize team strategy.

Soul Pirates 2 Now available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox 1, and PC.

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