Stranger Things The main characters are likely to die in the last season

Stranger Things Steve Harrington and Max Mayfield

Season 4 of Weird things Leave some big losses. Many fans were curious to see who’s next on Duffer Brother’s Weird things List of assassinations. Is there a way to find out? Well, yes, a little. As with Eddie’s character, there are key context clues left in the plot and script itself

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For Eddie, the big giveaway was his tendency to run away. This is mentioned in a few episodes. The biggest giveaway was in Episode 1 of Season 4 when the D&D party asked if they wanted to escape death or fight to the death. His character arc was completed when he decided not to run and fight to the death. Isn’t it a fun building story?

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8 Robin Buckley

Robin must be safe as she has yet to experience a major character development. Whether it does or not is not really an issue. She can go out and think outside the box if anything. This is what you’re famous for. However, it is definitely in demand due to this very fact.

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Whether it’s deciphering foreign codes, or locating mysterious drug dealers via movie rental listings, she desperately needs her to win against Vecna. You may simply be safe from the fact that other fish are frying. The only reason to kill her character is literally because she’s likable. It doesn’t have any story function other than making Steve very upset… and so do the fans. So it could be something. However, there are more things that can make Steve Harrington upset, such as putting Nancy in danger, or trying to help others close to Nancy who are in danger. Which could really give Robin a sporting opportunity.

7 Max Mayfield

Truth be told, Max just went through Hell. Now she’s in a coma and probably like purgatory and her mind is somewhere else. Most likely near Vecna. Although many of the possibilities seem stacked against Max, she suffers from a lot. Eleven is still her best friend and she will most likely be somewhat dedicated to finding her consciousness again. Sure, her mind is elsewhere, but it could be useful and be part of the key to defeating Vecna. Max has an iron will after all.

If Max was going to die, the creators would have eliminated her in Season 4. Quite simply, it would be almost cruel to go through all this torture and not make a full rock star out of it. Either dead or alive. Story arcs exist for a reason, and subjecting a character to torture usually ends in shrinkage or death. Another consequence of this torture is that it pushes them to do something great.

6 Jane Hooper / Eleven

Jane/Eleven’s strongest chance of surviving this entire ordeal lies with one person: not Mike, but Hopper. Killing eleven will destroy him. He’s already lost one daughter and claims to be damned, making Eleven a prime candidate, while Hopper remains somewhat safe.

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Don’t be surprised that she died or almost died and came back though. Especially when going toe-to-toe with Vecna. You might go through one of those moments when you “might” be “dead” or “dead” and then burst into dramatic cries of joy. Which is fine. She too has had enough.

It is also possible that it will lose its power forever after defeating Vicna. This will help tie the parties to the government’s attempt to track them down and potentially lead a normal life afterwards. Can. Is it still safe? of course not. Especially if writers want to delve into some unsurprising shock factor.

5 Mike Wheeler

Mike hasn’t had a big moment since season 2. He has also not been very prominent in the lead role since then. Season 5 will likely be the time when he will most likely show his lead role again, and his character will have the opportunity to show what he is made of. or not. After all, Will’s painting of Mike being the heart of the group sets Mike up for something big in the final season. Certainly there could be self-immolation, but again there are other potential candidates to carry out this scenario.

He is a fairly strong target due to his strong relationships with both Will and Eleven. For these reasons, it could be a prime target for Vecna. After all, he helped give Eleven the boost she needed to keep him away in the final episode of Season 4. That could be what he’s doing. This is possible simply because his death and survival can propel the plot forward and be a huge catalyst regardless. For everyone. Both could push Eleven and her powers to the limit either way as well.

4 Steve Harrington

Steve is legitimately a 50/50 character here. He could be safe because of his many close calls. Fans love him, the Dover brothers love him, and Nancy loves him. Which may prevent the death knell from hitting this beloved character. The only thing that leaves Steve’s death to speculation is his talk about the future and having children at the end of Season 4.

His character has a similar predicament with the potential for self-immolation. It is very likely that he would sacrifice himself for Nancy, Dustin, Robin, and even one of Nancy’s loved ones. Being lovable and having future goals may save or destroy the fan-favorite babysitter.

Sometimes when characters lament about the future in a scenario, this can be a positive thing as in Samwise Gamgee Lord of the rings. However, it can also be the other side of the coin. I think Thomas J. Sennett is in my girl… He would have been an acrobat when he got older… Maybe he’d be fine though because of who he is first.

3 Will Byers

It started with Will and the whole ordeal could end with Will. He hasn’t yet had a really heroic moment since he was kind of left on the back torch in limbo in character development since starting Season 3. For this purpose, his bright moments can be in the last season. Although he could sense Vecna, since his possession ended, not much was said about his ability to see true.

One thing remains for certain: Will he still have a strong attachment to Vecna ​​and upside down. However, the general struggle and dedication the characters went through mourning him and doing everything in their power to save him could be a sign of what fate could be complete for him. He was saved to heroic effect or to be a tragic hero. One of the issues he might have is that Vecna ​​could tamper with this link which should be turned upside down.

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Will has some saving graces in his corner. One of which is during the end of the series you will need to confirm that Vecna ​​really went without any loose ends. This would be confirmation because destroying Vecna ​​would eliminate Will’s ability to sense it. Mike may be the “heart” of the group, but Will probably has a connection to the heart of the whole thing. Whatever his fate in the final season, expect his role in it to be big. What prevents him from taking first place is simply the character development he will get in the final season.

2 Murray Bowman

Hopefully, the final season doesn’t have as much appetite for the death of more than one main hero. If so, it doesn’t look good to Murray. He’s single, doesn’t have any kids or family, and his personality doesn’t have much legroom anymore. Which is very worrying.

The other thing is that there are quite a few comedic vignettes in this series, and none have lived up to it yet. Dustin is fairly safe because he has some development to go through after what happened to Eddie. The biggest danger he might face is Vecna ​​getting Eddie back to chase him down a bit. Plus killing Dustin would be like killing Winnie the Pooh. We hope this is not a thing. Argyle will also be just an empty body count because he’s a regenerator. It’s not particularly safe, but it’s safer than most people because of the dramatic effect. It wouldn’t be dramatic enough.

The only thing that might keep Murray safe is the true love that Murray’s fans have. Which does not quite amount to obvious reasons. May he rest in peace with his friend Alexei. Legally speaking, Murray’s survival in the final season would be 5% at best. If only it were Ted Wheeler.

1 Jonathan Byers

Many tend to overlook Jonathan, and unfortunately, it seems more bleak to him. Jonathan has never been so heavy up front apart from the first season. Sure, he kicked some ass here and there, but the uncertainty he expressed about his future in Season 4 set off major alarm bells. He is more likely to die than anyone else because there are many people in his life for whom he would die just like Steve. His future is uncertain and his character development has fallen somewhat backward rather than forward. In terms of scriptwriting, he is in big trouble.

His death would be a simple solution to the love triangle of Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan. He also expressed a desire to be there for Will no matter what. Will has gone through a lot and making him a martyr is a kind of deviation from his character development. It ends up being a victim, hopefully season 5 will come, but Jonathan will be the perfect choice. The only caveat for him to sacrifice himself for Nancy would affect her character development and eventual story endings. After all, you should live a long, healthy life that repents of what you did to Barb. She’s only safe because she’s in the middle of a love triangle.

With all this in mind, nothing is set to change as the Duffers brothers are well known for their massive rewrites during filming.

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