Summer 2022: LEC Playoff Predictions and Analysis Predictions and Analysis

Contents1 Rogue vs MAD Lions2 G2 Esports vs Misfits Gaming3 Fnatic vs Excel After a break, LEC takes off the competition. Those two top 6 in the regular season will compete for the LEC Summer 2022 Championship and World 2022. First week matches consist of two Upper-Bracket matches and one Lower-Bracket matches.


  • 1 Rogue vs MAD Lions.
  • Two G2 Games versus Misfits In the USA, both.
  • 3 Fnatic vs Excel 3:23.

After the break, LEC qualifiers return to the playoffs. The top six finishers swoop for the LEC Summer 2022 championship and a place at World 2022. First week’s match includes two upper-bracket matches and one upper-bracket. We’ve got the date and the prevision.

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Red vs Madish Lions!

Predictions:Sace to 5 kills first map – Lions.

There were no surprises: 1.80.

Leuka nyoma tidjal: Ponzaka esporti ochmidda sylna omotneds, esports.

When: August 26, 2022 12 o’clock, 18:20 AM.

The level of the summer 2022 playoffs of LEC equals to the second sand. MAD Lions, who finished the regular season with 12 wins, and Rogue, who finished the season third with one win behind his opponent, will try to get on their way to the championship.

It’s safe to say that both teams have a good chance of winning the series. The MMA and Rogue have both struggled through the season. They did not get the success that they needed despite their streaks. The MAD Lions are better-fitted teams.

Armut and her friends are much more effective early than Rogue. The team, which has no difficulty with winning games if they start the game fast, has a hard time showing their superiority to the number of games. On the other hand, Rogues early game control is weaker than their opponent. They prefer to keep their hands at the end of the game.

With this being a case of the moment, it is safe to say that MAD will hit the first five kills faster.

Playling between G2 and Misfits.

A league leader, but a competition that wins.

Age of Legends: 1.21.

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When: August 27 the 2022 17:00 CEST on Monday evening.

After seeing the lows and highs of the season, G2 Esports ran out brilliantly in the last week, to finish the regular season first and make it to the playoffs. The champion of the Spring season was really excited to start the summer. They showed they were one step ahead of other teams in the league, with their games and the results they obtained. Despite a mid-season breakdown, they took almost all of their games down, and suddenly fell out of the playoffs. They arrived quite late before they got to their best.

Misfits then had a terrible start to the LEC Summer 2022 after having achieved a successful last season. After losing all their first 4 games, the team lost all the way to the top of the league before 5 consecutive wins left them in the race. The roster then turned the clock and finished the season with 10 wins and 8 losses.

G2 Esports are one of the favorites for the championships and are expecting a win.

fnatic vs Excel

I must have written to the judge.

There were hints of 1.71.

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When:August 28th, 2022, 17:00 EST.

Unlike the past two weeks, Fnatic and Excel will meet in the Lower-Bracket, the defeating teams will finish from the first match. Fnatic have remained low of expectations following a long winter 2022, with them building a new roster. The team lost the early game with 10 wins. In fact, while they won 72.7% of the games they led in the first 15 minutes, they lost 8 games throughout the season.

Excel on the other hand started the league with 4 of the 5th-placed win. The team stumbled after the break and suffered losses they shouldn’t have had. Their complete reverse form made them in a difficult spot in the playoffs and allowed them to tie up with Team Vitality. They ended up in the quarterfinals, but fortunately they didn’t beat their opponents.

Fnatic players play very similar games, but Fnatic players are more used to playing on this level.

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