The 10 Best Owen Wilson Movies, According to Metacritic

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Owen Wilson has been supervising the big screen since the ’90s, and he’s been in the spotlight ever since. With the release of his new movie on Paramount+, secret headquarters Sure to bring Wilson fans.

in secret headquartersWilson will play the challenging and charming superhero, a role the audience has yet to see. With Wilson’s strong association with famed director Wes Anderson, Owen starred in several critically acclaimed roles. With so many years under his belt, these are his best films, according to Metacritic.

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10 Darjeeling Company Limited (2007) – 67

Darjeeling Ltd. It is a comedy-drama directed by the famous Wes Anderson. Anderson’s underrated movie starring Wilson as Frances. After Francis and his two brothers learn of their father’s death, they decide to take a train trip to India in hopes of rediscovering their brotherly bond.

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Wilson’s performance as main brother Francis was outstanding. In comedies, Wilson often finds himself playing similar roles, but here in DarjeelingHe really came out of his box and showed a different side of himself in this soulful movie. His chemistry with his fellow stars is like the icing on the cake, as they pull off the necessary pieces to make this movie about healing.

9 Cars (2006) – 73

cars It is the Disney Pixar movie about racing cars that quickly became one of the most successful Disney Pixar franchises of the 2000s. When top rider, Lightning McQueen, damages property at Radiator Springs, he’s tasked with fixing everything before allowing him to get back on the track.

Owen Wilson voices lead race car driver, Lightning McQueen. With his unique voice, it’s easy to recognize the sound of a talking car, yet Wilson uses that to his advantage and makes Lightning McQueen’s voice memorable. Even without seeing Wilson on screen, he’s showing the audience that his charm and sense of humor also work with the power of his voice.

8 Meeting with Parents (2000) – 73

meet the parents It is a heartwarming classic comedy from the early 2000s. People often find themselves in the dreaded situation of meeting their partner’s parents for the first time, but for Greg Focker, it’s a whole new level. Greg decides to spend a parental weekend before he proposes to his girlfriend, there’s only one problem… her father despises him.

Owen Wilson plays Kevin Rowley, his girlfriend’s ex-fiancé. While Wilson isn’t starring in this movie, he still shines in his own way. By supporting the main cast with his perfect comedic timing, he adds just what is needed to make this movie a great comedy.

7 French Dispatch (2021) – 74

French Dispatch It is the latest release for Wes Anderson. The film is an anthology, three stories with an introduction and conclusion. All of these are listed in the structure of the press stories to be published in “The French Dispatch”.

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Owen Wilson plays Herbsaint Sazerac, who gives the audience a bike tour of the French city, to build the world. While his role may be small, he opens up the film with his charming personality and whimsical storytelling. Its introduction is a fun hour with an interesting performance by Wilson.

6 The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) – 76

Royal Teenenbombs It is another Wes Anderson film, this time co-written by Owen Wilson. The Tenenbaums family consists of three distant brothers, each with their own talents that they have used to give themselves success. But when their father gathers them to announce his death, they must learn to live again.

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Owen Wilson plays Eli Cash, childhood friend of Ritchie Tenenbaums, in an eccentric performance. Through the lyrical writings of Anderson’s work, Wilson delivers a great streak throughout the film, adding that extra touch of thought to his character.

5 Shanghai Noun (2000) – 77

noon shanghai It is a classic action movie by Jackie Chan. Chun Wang travels to the American West to rescue a kidnapped princess. There he befriends a train thief who agrees to help him. But things are not so easy when they have to fight and survive the Chinese traitor.

This western action movie is a step outside of Wilson’s comfort zone, with intense fight sequences and crazy, dangerous stunts that famous Jackie Chan is used to. But Wilson and Chan, an unexpected duo, have great on-screen chemistry, providing fans with a silly, fun time.

4 Midnight in Paris (2011) – 81

midnight in Paris It is one of Owen Wilson’s most successful romance films. Making the audience fall in love with the city of Paris, this romantic movie is beautiful in many ways. While on a trip with his fiancée, Haneen’s writer finds himself disappearing again in the 1920s every day in the middle of the night.

Owen Wilson plays the main character, Jill. His performance as a longing writer is realistic and sensible and adds depth to his character. He does more than just play the “handsome guy in a romantic movie,” instead giving audiences a sweet character to wish for more in this love letter to Paris.

3 Inherent Deputy (2014) – 81

Inherent Vice It’s a great Paul Thomas Anderson movie. This Neo-Noir mystery follows a private investigator, Doc, in the 1970s. Doc begins investigating a missing woman who turns out to be his former lover.

Owen Wilson plays Coy Harlingen. This intriguingly directed and visual film allows Wilson to simply shine as an actor. The viewer is not distracted by his performance as it takes audiences into a whirlpool of emotions in one simple scene.

2 Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) – 83

Fantastic Mr. Fox It is a classic Wes Anderson film, made in the form of a stop-motion animation. The story follows Mr. Fox, who finds himself drawn to his past of theft. But when he begins raiding the farms of his human neighbors, he is trapped in a life-threatening situation.

Owen Wilson has a small role playing Coach Skip. Even though he may not have a lot of screen time, the time he spends on screen is memorable. It presents a funny and witty performance. With previous voice acting functions, such as cars Wilson has no problem relying solely on his voice.

1 Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) – 88

Grand Budapest Hotel Considered to be Wes Anderson’s greatest film to date. The story begins with a writer who meets an owner Grand Budapest Hotel. He describes all the adventures he had as a boy in the lobby under exceptional concierge service.

Owen Wilson has a very small cameo in this movie, playing the character Em Chuck. With all the films he’s worked on with Wes Anderson to this point, Wilson has been expected to appear on screen on every Anderson project. While he’s shown in one small scene, it’s fun for fans to see him take part in another Anderson classic.

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