The 45mm corsair monitor is curved and flat

CORSAIR unveiled the new XENEON FLEX 45WQHD240 OLED. It's a high-end flexible gaming monitor that was designed in collaboration with LG Display. This panel from 45 inches (21: 9) lets you move the curvature manually. Prices, dates for release and other details will be confirmed in the coming months. XENEON FLEX can be put on flat screen.

CORSAIR has unveiled the new XENEON FLEX 45WQHD240 OLED, a highly-efficient gaming monitor designed with LG Display. This table for 45 pounds (21 x 9) allows you to adjust the curvature manually. The prices, the date of release and the other details are confirmed in the coming months.

XENEON FLEX is easily curved or flat-screened to one corner of the millimeter. The maximum resolution is 34401440 (21:9). Thanks to the size and the efficiency ratio, you can benefit from over 20% greater screen space than a 49 32: 9 ultrawide monitor and over 80% more than a 34 21: 9 ultrawide screen. Featuring a new anti-glare coating that limit glare and reflection, XENEON FLEX OLED has been designed specifically for the immersive gaming experience. The LG display’s High Blue Light technology allows the viewer to take full advantage of prolonged time television.

Thanks to the latest technology of LG W-OLED, XENEON FLEX’s self-illuminating OLED pixels offer a high brightness of 900 Nit, with an contrast ratio of 1 300 000:1 and the most realistic and accurate images possible. GtG response time of 0.03ms, pixel on and off of 0.01ms and a refresh rate of up to 240Hz makes it smooth and shabby. As such, you can easily eliminate the blur in pictures, while enhancing your gaming experience.


This is the latest release of XENEON FLEX OLED technology, based on our patented proprietary technology designed to protect the display, while offering a safe return to the environment without damage. The company maintains a 24-year low-cost digital protection, thereby providing a safe, safe, and secure environment for the display.

We’ve focused our efforts on creating an innovative display that can give an exceptional and personalized experience. He said, I believe that the goal was achieved, if not exceeded. Dennis Jackson, senior director of Systems Product Management & Marketing and CORSAIR. Using the collaboration with LG Display, XENEON OLED FLEX is an example of the new era of gaming. That enables it to become a more realistic user, with the real flexibility and performance that will satisfy the most demanding gamers.

The curvature of XENON FLEX has curvatured the oscar.

Using CORSAIR and MCA in collaboration, we have a flexible screen technology. We look forward to making this next generation of gaming monitors available to PC enthusiasts.

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