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Sony revised vampire movie the invitation He is expected to outperform the director George Miller‘s Three thousand years of longing In what is expected to be one of the weakest weekends at the box office in six months. None of the three new releases – John BoyegaLed theft drama broke down It’s also opening this weekend – and it’s expected to fetch $10 million. This will continue the massive domestic box office decline that began after the end of the summer movie season, and will likely continue for a few more weeks.

But what this means is that the remaining period is in the last week Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero First place can be reclaimed, provided he wins a tight race against him the invitation. Both films are expected to gross around $7 million. This will be the lowest first place in over a year when Angelina Joliesurvival story Those who wish me death It grossed $2.8 million in its opening weekend. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero He made a surprising $21 million in his debut last weekend.

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This week’s other two newcomers will struggle to beat the top five, which will likely be as populated by reserves as last week. Monstersummer hits Top Gun: Maverick And the Minions: the rise of a puppy – Both are available on PVOD, by the way.

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Directed by Jessica M Thompson starring Game of thronesNatalie EmmanuelAnd the the invitation It is a horror movie inspired by Bram StokerDracula. Its production cost a paltry $10 million and opens widely in more than 3,000 theaters. Reviews have been mixed, with Collider’s own reviews Carly Lynn Writing that the film “offers an innovative reimagining of a literary classic while asserting itself as an enjoyable addition to modern Gothic canon.”

The failure of a non-descript horror film franchise is one thing, but for a great filmmaker, pursuing a director’s passion project for their most famous film is quite another. Three thousand years of longing It’s Miller’s first movie from the start Mad Max: Fury Roadand the stars Idris Elba And the Tilda Swinton. It cost $60 million to produce, and will be released in more than 2,400 theaters this weekend after its debut at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. special collider Ross Bonemi He wrote in his review that “Miller’s modern fairy tale is full of beauty, love and care, even if the film often focuses on the big moments rather than the humble ones.”

Bleecker Street is giving broke down Semi-wide release in over 902 theaters this weekend. The film tells the true story of a Marine veteran who decided to rob a bank out of desperation. The film received positive reviews after its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is expected to gross nearly $3 million this weekend. special collider Maggie Lovett He described it as “a solid movie that will leave audiences reeling as the credits roll.”

You can watch our interview with Elba below, and stay tuned on Collider over the next couple of days for detailed box office coverage.

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