The GTA Online Sprunk for eCola event includes a $300K GTA bonus


GTA Online It constantly offers updates that add new content, weapons, and vehicles to the game. The latest introduction is a new event that pits two famous in-game drinks against each other, and participating players can get a huge in-game cash reward.

Sprunk and eCola are two of GTA OnlineDrinkable items, can usually be purchased from vending machines. While many players likely didn’t think much about it, GTA Online He now assigns players to select the best drink.

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GTA OnlineThe last event is now in effect, and players can already reap some benefits from it. Players have to choose a side in the action, which can be done by joining the Sprunk or eCola crew in GTA OnlineThe official website of the social club. From there, the game will count the number of cans of drinks of the chosen team that the player consumes. A vote for free will also be counted GTA Online Bodysuit of the player’s team.

The Best Soft Drink duel will take place over three weeks, with Rockstar Games getting the votes on September 14th. For the duration of the event, both Sprunk and eCola are free, so players don’t need to spend a dime in order to participate. Sprunk can now also be stored in user inventories, like eCola, so players can use it to restore health on the go and earn points for their team in the process. This should also give players an extra boost when joining high-difficult heists or missions where health recovery items are essential.

In the meantime, Sprunk and eCola cars are free all week, as are melee weapons, green and red smoke for vehicles, and the Declasse Hotring Saber is free with the included eCola x Sprunk paint. Once the event is complete and the votes are counted, Rockstar Games will reward everyone GTA Online $300,000 worth of GTA players, hat, college jacket, and umbrella bag with designs based on the winning drink.

earn money in GTA Online It’s easier than ever, especially after the introduction of special and supported-only lobby tasks and business sales. However, the game regularly adds new items that can easily clear the player’s wallet in no time. The newly added Grotti Brioso 300 Widebody costs $1,195,000 to start from scratch, so the $300,000 GTA bonus could help cover a good portion of that or any other purchase player has been eyeing lately.

GTA Online is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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