The shortlist of the four amazing directors for MCU Phase 6 has been revealed

Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios has deemed Love & Monsters director and co-director of Dog to be able to reboot the upcoming Fantastic Four.

Marvel Studios’ shortlist for who’s considered live The Fantastic Four been detected. After several failed movie attempts, the first Marvel family has finally joined the MCU The Fantastic Four It is scheduled to be released on November 8, 2024. The film will begin in Marvel’s Phase 6 of the MCU and is one of the studio’s most awaited films due to the team’s importance to the Marvel Universe.

In December 2020, it was announced that the director of the MCU Spider-Man trilogy had been appointed to take over the leadership The Fantastic Four But he left the project in April 2022 in favor of directing the series Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. Marvel Studios is said to be looking forward WandaVision Director Matt Shukman to direct it The Fantastic Four. Orientation task The Fantastic Four It was such a sought-after company that Marvel Studios took the time to think about who would bring the heroes back to life as a lot of expectations revolve around acquiring this property right after so many staunchly rejected movie entries.

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Marvel Studios Command Shortlist The Fantastic Four Detected by THR It contains some interesting names. Along with Shackman, the studio also met love and monsters Director Michael Matthews and dog Co-director Caroline Reed. Reportedly, the final decision came between Shukman and Matthews, and Shukman eventually became the favorite.

Both love and monsters And the dog They were feel-good movies with an adventure angle, so they hint at the direction Marvel Studios has been looking for. The Fantastic Four boss. This wasn’t the first superhero movie to be considered for Caroline, as he made his directorial debut dog Along with co-director Channing Tatum, they were both working on The X-Men Show maneuver For 20th Century Fox. After losing three directors on this solo film, Caroline and Tatum established themselves as directors but were rejected by the studio because they had no prior filmmaking experience.

Given Marvel Studios’ history of hiring filmmakers they met on previous Marvel projects, Matthews and Carolin’s future in the MCU has not yet been ruled out. ant Man Director Peyton Reed and Captain Marvel Filmmakers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck previously met Marvel about directing Guardians of the Galaxy. Recently before you get Jessica Gao She-Hulk: Attorney at Law I’ve pitched on three separate Marvel projects: Captain MarvelAnd the Black WidowAnd the Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. while they did not get The Fantastic Fourwith a slew of little-known Phase 6 projects yet to be announced, it’s entirely possible that Matthews or Caroline could be attached to these films.

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