The upcoming South Park game must balance the representation of the show’s eras

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Having recently celebrated her twenty-fifth anniversary, South Park On its way to becoming the second longest-running American animated series, with only The Simpsons By hitting her at her own game. Along with a concert featuring some of the show’s most iconic songs, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the announcement of a new game based on the series. While literally nothing is known about the game, from its visuals to its concept to its title and release date, it hasn’t stopped fans from immediately starting to develop theories about the game’s content. Some even suspect that this upcoming title is hearsay South ParkMultiplayer game with 3D graphics.

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Despite the details surrounding this upcoming South Park The game remains under consideration, it is likely that it will attempt to live up to the standards set by duology for role-playing games, stick of truth And the The broken but the whole. Obviously, one of the selling points of both games is the sheer number of characters, locations, and references out of the entirety of the show that they’ve been crammed into. However, some of these references, especially in The broken but the whole, relying heavily on modern continuity, which is likely encouraging for older episodes. To correct this, this upcoming game should strive to achieve a balanced representation of the show’s many eras.

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How to identify different eras in South Park

After the evolution continued South Park It was inevitable. Animation has improved, and the show has also shifted its primary focus from vulgarity to social satire to remain fresh after several seasons. The supporting cast has changed and expanded, with Butters Stotch and Randy Marsh occasionally having more screen time than the main four boys. The show has experimented with different storytelling techniques, even using a sequential approach. Compare an episode of season 20 with any episode of the classics when the show’s popularity was at its peak, and the differences are astronomical.

Unlike his contemporaries like The SimpsonsAnd the South ParkThe eras of the show cannot be determined by the exhibitors due to Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s close association with the franchise since its inception. Despite this, it’s easy to see when the show starts to transition from one era to the next. The first final era is the “classic” era, mostly known as the first three seasons and the movie Bigger, longer and uncut. This era represents the time when South Park It was a controversial cultural phenomenon and was dismissed by many critics as a fashion. Cartman had a raspy voice and plenty of famous phrases, Kenny would die in every episode, Stan would move around whenever Wendy was around, and Mr. Garrison had a doll called Mr. Hat. Most of the supporting characters from that era, such as Chef, Officer Barbrady, Pep, Jesus and Doctor Mephisto, are now either eliminated or have been killed.

Second South Park The era is the midpoint between the ancient seasons and the modern identity of the show. There are no official terms for this part of the series’ history, and fans haven’t coined anything, but these seasons are easy to identify with. Cartman got an increasingly deeper voice and became psychotic. Kyle and Stan’s personalities differed from each other, and Kenny died almost permanently. The old cast was slowly being replaced by other minor characters and former background.

These include the aforementioned Randy and Potters, as well as the extended Boys’ Friends group, with characters like Craig, Tolkien, Clyde, Tweek, and Jimmy getting more screens. Animation and art are closer to modern seasons, and the show embraced its irreverent satirical side without sacrificing absurdity and bluish comedy. The fourth and fifth seasons are credited with starting this era, and the ninth season is considered to be the end, being the last season with no traces of coming back. South Park.

South ParkA contemporary identity is believed to have emerged in Season 10, which began with the infamous episode that killed the Chef-Off. Visually and tonally, an episode of Season 10 is almost indistinguishable from an episode being played today. The characterization that still stands today is set in stone. New adult and animal character designs tend to be more realistic, and the show sometimes drifts into drama territory. At this point, the only way to determine when the episode will air is to learn about its goals for spelling. While some things have changed over time, like the introduction of PC Principal, Tweek and Craig becoming a couple, and Tegridy Farms founder Randy, the show’s tone and approach to storytelling and comedy has remained consistent for over 15 years.

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The next South Park game should celebrate the full show

Obviously “talking” South Park He is the biggest part of the show’s path, if not necessarily the best actor for its success and cultural influence. Therefore, it is understandable for complementary media such as RPGs to focus primarily on what the show is currently offering. However, it is strange to ignore the old aspects of the show. Parker and Stone may hate the first three seasons in hindsight, but they’re still an aspect of the show that is rarely acknowledged.

if a file South Park The game decided not to follow continuity like RPGs, this could be a chance to make old school meet contemporary. The dead characters can be brought back this time, and the old schticks can come back. There are a lot of references to older episodes in RPGs, but most of the characterization and humor were based on the audience’s knowledge of current episodes. This new game can strike a balance between old and new, satisfy different tastes in the fanbase, and offer a new way to honor the show’s legacy.

new South Park The game is under development.

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