The use of Superman’s power had a tragic end for the X-Men One hero

Marvel's Rogue facing off against DC's Superman.

One version of Rogue’s encounter with Marvel’s Superman, Hyperion, is left to die in the way of a giant meteor destined to destroy Earth!

Although it has tested powers from many of the most powerful Marvel releases in the past, it is one version of the X-Men. a fraud They did not survive using their version of SupermanEnergy. The Weapon X team that jumps into reality exists as a secret version of the Exiles, not afraid to get their hands dirty to complete their set mission. But when one of their members defies their orders and instead invades a parallel world, the moment of impending extinction causes Anna Marie to absorb a portion of Hyperion’s power to help stop him. While she had previously enjoyed this almost unlimited power, saving her and her world from complete annihilation was not enough.

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in Exiles #38-39Weapon X travels to a world where the Sentinel software was used by the US government to eliminate most of the X-Men and Avengers, as they appeared in the remains of the famous X-Men headquarters in Westchester, New York. While some Weapon X are sad about losing a teammate recently, others are busy replacing her, a copy of Squadron Supreme’s Hyperion. This tribute to DC’s Superman signifies their disregard for their mission to ensure that all remaining mutants are eliminated. Hyperion eventually joins other members of Weapon X as he destroys the Rangers, takes over the US government, and takes on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

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in Exiles #40 Written by writer Chuck Austin and artist Jim Calaviori, Hyperion deals with the aftermath of killing MagnetoSpecifically, the doomsday plan to launch a massive meteorite that would wipe out all life on Earth is still in motion. After meeting again with the remainder of Weapon X, the Brotherhood, and other interested parties, they create a plan that requires Rogue to touch and absorb the powers of Hyperion. This version of Anna Marie Raven laughs when you feel its power, and soon they are both seen hovering in space, using their thermal visions in hopes of slowing down or completely destroying the impending meteor.

Rogue’s mutant power was absorbing someone’s memories or powers upon physical contact that took painful years of trial and error to control. While her time in the mainstream Brotherhood ended soon after she absorbed the nickname Carol Danvers a.k.a. Ms. Marvel and her memories, it seems this version of Rogue has never faced such a crossroads. Changing alliances after not agreeing to destroy the planet with Magneto, Rogue didn’t see the point of ruling a world full of ruins and corpses. She behaves more maliciously than benign when absorbing Hyperion’s DC Superman-like power, making her a temporary deity. The plan was for two Hyperions to use their combined power to stop the meteor and save the planet that would have worked had it not been for an unexpected aberration near the end.

When Hyperion and Rogue exhausted their energy together, Rogue’s powers began to wane, and she insisted that Hyperion touch her again. Unfortunately, those words fell on deaf ears as the malevolent Superman decided that this world was far from being saved and left it to return to Asteroid M to help Weapon X complete their mission. Rogue’s helpless last words were to beg Hyperion not to leave when she died, her body burnt to brittle in the tragic meteor path toward Earth. Although this version of a fraud She was basically a temporary supergirl, whose fault was trusting evil Superman To be a man who keeps his word, especially when it does not serve his interests.

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