The Warner Bros. Discovery may have found his DC Kevin Feige, But Hurdles Remain Reportedly Remain

Warner Bros. Discovery, apparently looking to do its "DC Kevin Feige" role with Dan Lin, a strong producer with an impressive track record spanning It and Lego movie theaters. However, the hurdles remain, according to reports.

Warner Bros. Discovery may have found its version of Kevin Feige.

THR reports that Dan Lin is in talks to become the new company’s chief, with vast control over film and TV. By being in such a role, Lin would report directly to WB Discovery CEO David Zaslav, bypassing multiple other divisions.

Lin has a long history with Warner Bros., boasting a record of success for executive production, including the Lego movie and The It movies, and Godzilla: The King of Monsters. He was named one of Hollywood’s 30 greatest films.

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According to THR, Lin was influenced by the ex-Mexican chair Alan Horn who helped in the reorganization that gave Feige so much power at Marvel Studios.

Walter Hamada, who is a filmmaker, will then retire. Hamada had decided to seize for the recent Batgirl cancellation, but decided to stay occupied until at least 21 October to release Black Adam.

In the meantime, there are still significant hurdles in Lin’s potential contract. Variety says that Lin is involved in several Disney potential projects such as a live-action Lilo & Stitch. If Lin had to go to WB Discovery, his ties with these projects would have to be resolved. Now, Variety reports no offer has been made.

Whether he is eventually hired, Lin will face with a number of major challenges, including the fallout from the cancellation of the Batgirl event. He will also have to contend with the controversy surrounding Ezra Miller, who headlined The Flash, the movie that, as a joke, was meant to be a soft reboot for the DC Extended Universe. Shazam! The shattered warriors and the ashley, as well as the evil gods, were delayed.

Zaslav is expressing his desire to have a role within DC identical to Feige. He is an overpowered actor with huge influence and loves directing Marvel Studios. If he succeeds in recruiting Lin, Zaslav will succeed just that.


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