Thomas Tuchel banned for Chelsea-Leicester match as Blues boss loses appeal after Antonio Conte goes bankrupt

Thomas Tuchel has been banned for Chelsea’s clash with Leicester City after he lost his appeal following an altercation with Tottenham boss Antonio Conte.

The two Premier League leaders clashed after their teams drew 2-2 at Stamford Bridge.

According to the Football Disciplinary Committee, Tuchel


According to the Football Association’s Disciplinary Committee, Tuchel was “more guilty” in the incidentcredit: rex

Tuchel says he considered Conte’s “behavior a sign of disrespect,” which led to him holding the Italian’s hand throughout.

However, Tuchel had his appeal against a £35,000 fine and a one-match ban, with the FA Disciplinary Committee finding the German “more guilt” than Conte.

The FA focused on Tuchel’s continued holding of Conte’s hand at the final whistle, as well as shaking the Italian player while telling him to “look in my eyes when he shakes hands”.

As a result, Tuchel will now miss Chelsea’s match against Leicester.

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The panel rejected Tuchel’s arguments on Wednesday, saying: “It is absolutely clear that it was Thomas Tuchel who instigated the confrontation by choosing to grab Antonio Conte’s hand and bring him back.

Tuchel’s holding of Conte’s hand for the reason he gave was simply unwarranted; one need not look the other in the eye during the handshake.

“Telling Conte to look him in the eye while holding his hand and not letting him get away was very provocative.

“Conte reacted aggressively to Tuchel’s actions but the committee did not consider him to have overreacted significantly given the circumstances.

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“The confrontation caused a massive gathering of staff, players and hosts that could easily have escalated the situation and was likely to increase tensions between the two groups of spectators.

“But while certain aspects of Conte’s behavior could be considered inappropriate, the panel held Tuchel largely responsible for the incident and felt unanimously that this should be clearly and definitively reflected in the level of punishment imposed.”

Tottenham chairman Conte avoided the ban but agreed to the £10,000 penalty.

Tuchel was certainly unhappy with the FA’s decision during his press conference ahead of Leicester’s game on Saturday.

The German was furious: “I understood that we both had an influence in this situation and both were sent off.

“I can understand I get a ban, I get a fine. What I don’t understand is that the other coach doesn’t get the same punishment. It’s hard to understand for me.

“I think there are two sides to it. One is that I got the red card and acted inappropriately and I regret it, but it was out of passion.

“It wasn’t very aggressive, it was out of passion. I can accept if I get a red card during the match – if that’s the decision – I have a touchline ban and a fine. That’s part of it, I don’t oppose it and I accept it.

“What’s hard to accept is the context. I don’t think I started the aggression, it started earlier. I don’t think I was the only one involved; we both got a red card.

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“One player pulled another player by the hair two minutes ago. He can play, not blocked. For a strong handshake at the end of the match, one coach was stopped.

“It’s very hard to accept this but I accepted it. Putting it in context, I can’t fathom it.”

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