Tom Hub, creator of Axiom Verge, details new effects and mechanics in Axiom Verge 2

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the original Axiom Verge It received critical acclaim when it was released for PlayStation 4 in 2015, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next title from solo developer Thomas Happ. Axiom Virgo 2 It was released on PC and PS4 exclusively through the Epic Games Store in 2021, and has now made its way to PS5 and Steam. The sequel features many of the details that players loved from the original Axiom Vergelike many collectibles, power-ups and weapons, but the follow-up differs markedly from its predecessor in many ways.

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Game Rant spoke with Happ about the new mechanics and influences that took shape Axiom Verge 2. The result is a sequel with a distinct approach to puzzle, combat and exploration, despite a common Metroidvanian heritage.

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Diverse inspirations

the original Axiom Verge Told a high-concept science fiction story with transhumanist themes, the replaceable nature of reality, and a paradoxical race of biomechanical aliens. Many of the same topics are in Axiom Virgo 2although the game also owes some new effects.

“I got a lot of A link to the past In his DNA, some inspiration for a robot that hacks from Horizon Zero Dawn. There are also some effects of Alastair Reynolds there — as with AV1, many nano-combines like tiny insects, and brains that separate or fuse with those of others.”

The work of Alistair Reynolds, astronomer and physicist turned hard science fiction and space opera author, can be considered the connective tissue between the two games. Both Hap’s titles and Reynolds’ works include long time periods, nearly ubiquitous nanotechnology, and space opera themes similar to those found in mass effect Franchise business.

It is not hard to guess how such a story could incorporate themes and mechanisms of it Horizon Zero Dawn which also deals with extinction, transhumanism, and the geological scales of time, but the first effect that Hap mentioned seems a bit odd. link to the past, One of the most popular and popular Nintendo entries the legend of zelda Franchise, it tells a story across two versions of the same world via fantasy magic.

Dual Dimensions, Hacks, and Combat Attacks

Unlike most sequences that simply rely on their ancestral systems, Axiom Virgo 2 It features several notable departures from the original Axiom Verge. Hub mentioned three major changes to the new game’s formula.

“Probably the biggest difference is two overlapping worlds. The next biggest difference is the lack of ballistic weapons. The hacking mechanic is inspired by the AV1’s bug mechanic although it’s a bit more detailed and the effects are menu-based options rather than binary” glitching or not. “

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A link to the pastPrimary effects are mechanical, not objective. Axiom Virgo 2 It has players who move back and forth between two overlapping worlds to solve puzzles and navigate. While players can find a long-range weapon in the form of the Gishru boom Axiom Virgo 2High-quality sci-fi weapons that marked Axiom VergeThe arsenal of weapons is noticeably absent. Instead, players will need to rely on a menu-based hacking system to lure and corrupt enemies. Although both games are Metroidvania, Axiom Virgo 2 It often feels more like a stealth and puzzle game than a combat platformer, as was the case with the original. Axiom Verge.

However, there is still a sense of continuity between the two titles. Axiom VergeThe game’s glitch system has been a revelation, both in terms of combat and puzzle solving, and remains one of the most distinctive systems seen in a modern Metroidvania title. Giving players more options than a straightforward binary mod system opens up the game in a number of ways. Enemies can be hijacked, slowed down, and made vulnerable in various other ways depending on how you use the hacking system.

A more intimate story

In addition to new mechanisms and inspiration, Axiom Virgo 2The narration is characterized by a bit of a color shift in terms of storytelling. Instead of following Trace’s story in the Sudra alien world, a sequel It features a new hero, Indra, with a deep personal drive. While Trace is pushed into his adventure by a catastrophic lab accident (in the context of half life And countless other science fiction stories), Indra proactively explores a strange landscape to rescue her missing daughter.

Indra is a daring tech billionaire who heads to Antarctica after receiving word from a shady source who claims to know something about her daughter’s whereabouts. In many ways, the story’s new core transforms this narrative from an almost abstract cosmic scale, into a poignant journey with an emotionally tangible goal: reunion. However, players hoping for answers about Trace’s story may be disappointed. While the events of AV2 Providing a new context for Axiom VergeIt is not a direct continuation of the origin story, which leaves many questions unanswered, and more stories to be told in Axiom Verge Universe.

Axiom Virgo 2 Now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Switch.

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