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hollow hit series Only the murders in the building It just finished season two and continues to keep viewers on edge with dark developments at the Arconia Building on New York’s Upper West Side. While mystery is always at the heart of the story, it’s the comedy that really makes it such a special show.

That’s thanks in large part to the cast. Steve Martin as Charles Haden Savage and Martin Short as Oliver Putnam continue to amaze viewers with their humorous, witty, memorable dialogue that’s well worth considering.

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Sweet freedom for the innocent and justice for all crime fighters.


Season 2 begins with Oliver craving attention and stardom. This quote was taken because the media is in a frenzy with the photo following him as he descends the stairs of the police station after he was warned that Mabel and Charles are suspects.

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Martin Short brings this scene home with his great enthusiasm for being a “person of interest.” This quote shows him in a moment when his cup “overflowed” making for impeccable comedic timing. You might think he was nominated for an Emmy, but he’s actually involved in a murder.

“Well, second seasons are tough you know, but people die, so I think there’s always a chance.”


Bring two great comedians together and you’ll be guaranteed sparkling dialogue. The awkwardness, double language, and allusions between Oliver Putnam and Amy Schumer are great in this scene. The above quote is at the end of a somewhat uncomfortable conversation between Amy and Oliver, not only answering Amy’s question about season two but also his global fans.

What’s great about this series is the depth of celebrity talent and the amazing comedic timing of the greats: Martin Short and Steve Martin with Amy Schumer serving as the cherry on top with this “oh uncomfortable” elevator scene between Amy and Martin where words and silence are equally hilarious.

“We are the heroes of this building. Before us, you could be murdered in your apartment and no one would know.”


Oliver Putnam’s fascination with oneself is contagious and funny. Martin Short embodies the director who craves that, and embodies the belief that it is better to be infamous than to be completely unknown. This quote illustrates his conviction that he is a hero of something important.

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Over the Only the murders in the buildingHis enthusiasm for getting the audience’s attention, even if he’s a real suspect in a murder, does nothing to dampen his pure joy at being famous, giving his character the perfect comedic touch.

“…When you’re in danger, it’s all passion and sex. But then, when things settle down, it’s hard to know what’s going to happen next, which is why Judi Dench and I lost touch after the infamous ride on Concorde.”


From the start of the series, the generation gap between Mabel and her co-stars, Charles and Oliver, has been the crux of the story’s comedic theme. Mabel Moura, despite her young age, is as sharp as a whip and is easily the most intelligent of the group.

This quote disarms Oliver as he can no longer charm and seduce Mabel with his famous prayer seen through his beautiful white lies in this uncomfortable elevator moment. Selena Gomez and Martin Short’s moment here represents the inevitable fact that as a team, they really can’t hide from each other. It is a highlight of their time in the secret passages of the building.

“Sometimes it’s easier to discover someone else’s secret than it is to deal with it yourself.”


While Oliver’s character is up front, Steve Martin plays a character whose past slowly unfolds in Season 2. The public discovers, for example, that he was in love with, but ashamed of, his father, who is at the center of the murder mystery depicted in a scandalous painting stolen from Bunny’s apartment on the night of her murder.

This Charles quote in a sense reveals the essence of his character. He shows he’s more at home being an Arconia homicide detective, rather than exposing his chaotic past.

“You know, I’m thinking about getting myself out again. I mean, I slept with a killer! That’s a great story to tell on a first date.”


Vision Only the murders in the building Witness the comedic genius of the lonely Steve Martin. His depiction of Charles desperately wanting a girlfriend and getting the approval of his building neighbors is funny as shown in this quote above.

He’s half serious here and half laughing at himself but either way, this quote leaves viewers of this show laughing most of the show.

“I’ve never broken up with anyone. I usually spend one year getting into a relationship, one year enjoying it and four years trying to get out of it.”


This quote illustrates the tense and comedic moments between Charles, Mabel and Oliver, waiting to catch the “Brilliant Man” in the car. When asked how he communicated with Jane, Charles admitted that he was still dating her even though she was a psychopath who tried to kill him.

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The above quote is poignant because it captures the shyness and weakness of Charles’ character. Throughout the series, this character weakness has been the back of many piercing lines, but it also complements the theatrical aura and theatrical streaks of its star Oliver.

“I call her Maria—a pound of glitter, a bowl of rubber cement and just a nugget of Seaford.”


Oliver never disappoints with his over-dramatic brilliance in the universe. At this point in Season 2, he’s with Mabel and Charles in a dilemma about how to proceed because they know the “Brilliant Guy” is involved and could be the key to Rabbit’s murder, but they still lose him.

This quote describes the residual glint as the unknown suspect escapes and captures Oliver Putnam’s lovable and grotesque way of perceiving the universe, a key part of the show.

“New Yorkers have a special way of communicating. And by particular I mean direct.”


Steve Martin is considered legendary and what makes his role in it Only the murders in the building So compelling is that he’s an awkward everyday person who does his best to please everyone, but it just doesn’t quite work out. This quote is apt and comedic coming from Charles because it’s not straightforward at all.

He has desertion issues stemming from his colorful childhood history with his father as we learn in Season 2, which only multiply with the discovery of his father’s bunny painting with Rose Cooper.

“I wasn’t stabbed, it’s all theatrical.”


It’s fitting that Charles has one of the heart-wrenching quotes in the Season 2 finale when the entire “Murder Reveal” group does the work to instigate Becky Butler to confess. Charles is stabbed by Mabel’s artistic girlfriend Alice, a pivotal moment where viewers are horrified to see Charles stabbed only to discover a few minutes later that his acting prowess and his deliberate plan combined with Oliver and Mabel to force Becky to confess.

Drama, theater, and surprise are evoked in this final scene for the inhabitants of Arconia and the quote captures this moment succinctly.

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