Top 10 most loyal characters, ranked

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Potter Puritans have a long time to wait for the next Harry Potter chapter since then Hogwarts Legacy It’s been delayed until 2023, but the original movies and books still have so much to explore that they’ll never get bored. Harry Potter nurtured and championed kindness and goodness in the world, but loyalty was the only trait the characters had in spades.

For every player who betrayed Harry, Dumbledore and the Order, there were countless good wizards and wizards who were there to stand by and defend him. Those loyal Potter The characters were the biggest and bravest of hearts.

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10 Rubius Hagrid

The Hogwarts keeper of the game has always had the best of intentions, and loyalty was one of his positive traits, making him a notable part that sums up Hagrid. But his soft lips about alcohol and rare magical creatures made him stammer a little.

He was indebted to Dumbledore to protect him and to stay by his side when he was fired, and he did everything he could to keep Harry safe. But if he’s bribed with enough liquor and a dragon egg or two, he’ll slip up the information without even knowing it.

9 Ron Weasley

Ron, as a character, was a true friend of Harry and Hermione, and fought alongside the rest of the trio through thick and thin. From sacrificing himself at Wizard Chess in their first year to following up on spiders with Harry despite his reservations, Ron has been like a brother to his best friend.

However, his loyalty record was marred by his choosing to leave his friends at the most important time, the time when they were looking for the Horcruxes. His passivity is enhanced by the locket, leaving Harry and Hermione alone to capture them.

8 Remus Lupine

The werewolf may have been ashamed of his ordeal, but his brave and steadfast attitude to the cause of goodness, Dumbledore, monasticism, and his fellow thieves was something to be proud of.

He remained true to Sirius, despite what the world had said about him, and was looking for Harry as a family member. He fulfilled his duties to the Order of the Phoenix, which eventually resulted in the loss of his life. Like any ordinary man, the fear of Tonks’ pregnancy nearly made him run and leave her, but his loyal side prevailed.

7 Ginny Weasley

This young woman was very inspiring, especially for how trustworthy she is for her age. She developed an admiration for Harry at a young age but was somewhat shy around him, which she eventually overcame in her later years.

However, her loyalty was with Harry, which she proved by fighting alongside him in the Department of Mysteries and the Battle of Hogwarts. She dated Harry when the propaganda against him was at its height, highlighting her belief in him.

6 Hermione Granger

Hermione was not only wise, but also Harry’s best companion. Although she was initially teased by Ron, she moved on from her former grudges and became fast friends with him and Harry.

Hermione chose to stay with Harry during his difficult travels, broke all the rules that were so sacred to help him, and never left his side. she oblivious Her parents to keep them safe and she stepped out last year to support the better part of the wizarding community.

5 Dobby

By virtue of being an elf in the house, loyalty ran in Dobby’s veins, but he was one of the few of his kind who also had a sense of loyalty to the right people with noble intentions. With Harry’s help, he manages to get away from the Malfoys, and has since been tried and befriended the boy who lived.

He saved Harry’s life by giving him Gillyweed and protecting Harry from the Bellatrix knife in Deathly Hallowsthat ended his life. Even Dobby’s first attempt to keep Harry safe was messy but it came from the right place.

4 Sirius Black

Harry’s godfather was a man who had experienced Hell, but he still kept his promises to the Order of the Phoenix as well as Dumbledore upon his release. For more than a decade he was imprisoned for crimes he did not commit, and no one saved him, but when he returned, Grimmauld Place opened up to the system and fought with them.

As shown in the many memes that show his character, Sirius really cared about Harry and was thus a staunch supporter of him. He died fighting for him and will always be remembered as Harry’s most reliable pillar.

3 Severus Snape

Snape’s big arc is one that’s hard to compare, and it was his loyalty that made that possible. Although Lily married James, he was loyal to her, which is why he chose to play the dangerous game of being a spy for Dumbledore.

He put his life at risk every day as a double agent and remained loyal to her because of his love for Lily. Snape hated Harry, but saved him many times, and his sacrifices were of such magnitude that no one could have imagined.

2 Harry Potter

It’s hard to imagine what a teenager would think when he was called the Chosen One without any real warning. But Harry took it in his stride and served the entire magical community by battling Voldemort.

With so little of his soul inside him, it was easy for Harry to turn to the dark side and join him, but his loyalty extended beyond just his family and friends – he was loyal to all witches around the world.

1 Lily Potter

A talented witch, she was asked to join the Death Eaters several times by Voldemort, but both potters refused. It was this show of will and courage that put their lives in danger, but even then, Lily Potter never backed down.

She died fighting, throwing herself between Voldemort and her son, and this was her final act of love and devotion. Her loyalty gave Harry the protection he needed against the Dark Lord, and Lily was a perfect role model for the wizarding world.

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