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warning! This list contains spoilers for Season 3 of I never did before.In the era of shows like Riverdale And the Little Liars: Original SinAnd the I never did before It offers a more serious and relevant view of high school. Not only does it really explore what it means to be a teenager navigating romance novels and all that it involves, but it also offers some noteworthy subplots that focus on the importance and intricacies of different relationships.

From rivals to lovers to girl-friends-to-girls, right through to family dynamics, therapist, and patient, the series offers much more this season than its focus on the former love triangle, with relationships that any audience can resonate with.

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10 Ben and MargotBen and Margot in the art studio at Never Have I Ever

From Davy’s enemies to lovers to friends, to his feud with Anissa, Ben Gross has had no luck getting and keeping a love life. However, the season 3 finale hinted that this might change for Ben.

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Ben has always been a bit condescending thanks to his grades, but Margot has taught him that it’s not all. In addition, she resists when he tries to prove himself superior to her and her art, which infuriates him and shows him that there is more to him and his life than school. Although the shocking final scene of Season 3 leaves things uncertain for Ben and Margot, we hope this relationship will be explored more in the future.

9 Nirmala and KamalaNirmala and Kamala in Never Have I Ever

Kamala has always been a fan favorite character, right from her inclusion in some underrated moments I never did beforeThe first season. After deciding to escape from Prashant’s show in the season two finale, she and her grandmother, Nirmala, appeared on tough terms.

Despite this initial animosity, Nirmala and Kamala have one of the best relationships this season as they showcase the true intricacies of intergenerational family members – not to mention how their friction makes way for some of the season’s most hilarious characters. In the end, Nirmala explains that her concerns stem solely from her history and concern for her granddaughter whom she loves so much.

8 Anissa and FabiolaI never had Fabiola Anissa

Anissa and Fabiola are two of the best characters in I never did before. Fabiola is shown to be gentle, intelligent and down-to-earth while Aneesa is the perfect balance of calm and subtle with warmth and welcoming. Given their great personalities, it makes sense that the two would be attracted to each other. Although this pair was short-lived, it was still one of the best pairs of season three.

Their confusion, hesitation, and embarrassment were wonderful, honest images of what it means to be gay teens navigating between cuteness and romance. Although it was instructive for the showrunners to explore this relationship further, Fabiola and Anisa still act as good friends in the end.

7 Ben and DavyBen and Davey talk in her wardrobe at Never Have I Ever

Fans have been rooting for Ben and Devi since season 1, and it’s not hard to see why. The two have amazing chemistry with each other, push each other to be better with their competitive edge, keep each other honest and stand out, and be comfortable and true friends for each other. Even without officially dating this season, the two shared many intimate moments.

They always know what to say to each other, whether it’s making the other feel normal with humiliation or giving them a shoulder to lean on. As mentioned in the last episode, Ben still manages to give Davey butterflies (well, stomach knots) and given the ease and understanding between the two in the final scene, they’re still undoubtedly one of the best I never did before the couple.

6 Kamala and ManishKamala and Manish smile in Never Have Ever

After a failed, clandestine, rebellious attack and semi-courtship, it seems Kamala has finally found some happiness with Devi’s favorite high school teacher, Manish. Although not what her family – especially her grandmother Nirmala – had imagined her to be – Manish is the person Kamala needs and vice versa. They complement each other well, given their opposing interests.

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They are both passionate about academics, kind-hearted, playful, and care deeply about Devi. Kamala stands up for Manish, even if it means getting out of her, and Manish in turn does his best to win over her family and learn more about his roots. A nice change from all the teen romance that’s still learning, these two embody what a healthy, mature, and worthwhile relationship looks like.

5 Davy and DisDes and Davy in Never Have I Ever

Previous seasons may have split fans between Team Paxton or Team Penn, but Season Three brings another great and beloved opponent: Nerdish, aka Dis. With Ben being the best between him and Paxton together, Dess enters Davy’s life when she needs her most.

She sees Davy the way she’s wanted to be seen all along, as a beautiful, wonderful person who isn’t weighed down by her past mistakes. He is incredibly attractive to her, rivals her intelligence, and understands what it means to be Indian. Davy in turn keeps him humble. He and Davy have been a really strong pair this season until a wind got in the way.

4 Paxton and BenPaxton holds Ben in Never Have I Ever

Paxton and Ben have always been in an awkward place with each other throughout the series. This makes sense, given the fact that they were in the same girl and even dated her at the same time. The two never really had much time on screen to interact with each other, but thankfully that changed in Season 3. What resulted was an unlikely friendship – or at least a truce of some sort.

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With Paxton coming to the rescue during Ben’s time of need and helping Ben write an excellent college essay, the two formed a surprisingly fun and refreshing relationship. By the end of the season, Paxton even nicknamed Ben “Medium B,” inadvertently introducing him to the group of friends Ben had always wanted.

3 Davy and PaxtonDavy and Paxton in Never Have I Ever

Paxton and Devi have always been a bit of a problem, but the two had developed into a couple worth rooting for by the end of Season 2, with many great quotes to back them up. They start Season 3 as a strong, more mature couple. Even if they break up, the two remain close friends all the time.

By the end of the season, it’s clear how much they mean to each other and how they’ve helped each other evolve into better versions of themselves: just as Paxton helped Davey get through the trauma of her father’s death, Davey also helped Paxton realize who he is and what he can be, making for better relationships between Relationships in season.

2 Trent and EleanorEleanor and Trent kiss in the hallway in Never Have I Ever

One of the most surprising elements of the season two finale was Trent – Paxton’s hilarious best friend with many great quotes in I never did before Showing interest in Davy’s friend, Eleanor. The two begin the series in an uncertain location, as Eleanor wishes to break up but Trent wants to keep the flickering spark alive. The two eventually decided to make it work, which is better for them both.

Eleanor helps Trent stay honest and face tough situations like Paxton’s departure for Arizona; Meanwhile, Trent supports Eleanor and keeps her on her toes. Despite Eleanor’s skepticism, Trent ends up being exactly what she needs and the two become one of the funniest, healthiest relationships that fans are happy to see in the final season.

1 Davy and Nalini

When it comes to relationships in Never Have I Ever, one will always stay ahead: Nalini and Devi’s relationship. Having both gone through a heavy loss, they understand and support each other in a way that no one else can.

Nalini’s devotion and love toward her daughter especially shine through this season, whether it’s comforting a grieving Davey or defending her against the winds. Nalini accepts Devi as she is, loves her unconditionally, and reminds her that she is enough as she is. Also, minus her teenage anger, Davy loves Nalini and wants to stay with her as long as she can before Princeton, even if it means losing Shropland. The two are undoubtedly the best relationship of the third season.

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