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Top Gun: Maverick Flight Training

I know very well that I really need speed. I never thought I’d actually get a chance to hug her Better-pattern!

Celebrating the digital release of Top Gun: MaverickI had to fly up to the sky and train to fly like the movie crew did. At the Sky Combat Ace in San Diego, I jumped in the world’s most advanced aerobatic plane, the Extra 330, exactly the plane the cast is. Top Gun: Maverick used for their own training. Yes, I had a licensed pilot in the plane, owner and founder of Sky Combat Ace, Richard “Tex” Cole, but when I tell you he handed me the controls mid-flight, I’m not kidding.

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Perhaps this is a sign that I haven’t done enough research on the amazing experiences that Sky Combat Ace has to offer, but before heading to San Diego, I just assumed I’d get on a plane and go really fast. Which still would be awesome! But after going through the event orientation, it became abundantly clear that my journey would be much more interactive.

After taking off and demonstrating some maneuvers, Cole really hands the controls over to you for a gun warm-up workout before setting off for a fighting competition with another journalist. As Cole described, “Think of a laser tag in the sky.” From there, it was a low-level bombing operation designed to feel like the person being executed in it Top Gun: Maverick. And don’t worry. Cole kept control of it. But I managed to drop the bomb when the time came. See it all for yourself in the video at the top of this article!

One of my favorite parts of cinema is how film can pack the power to transport you into another reality – somewhere out of this world, into a situation you could never experience, you name it! Top Gun: Maverick It does just that with its highly immersive story and next-level cinematography that puts you in the cockpit alongside Maverick (Tom Cruise) and participated. View all box office records Top Gun: MaverickBy now, you’ve probably seen the movie, but just in case you’re one of the few who haven’t or maybe you just want to relive the ride over and over, you’re in luck! Not only is he still playing in theaters, but Top Gun: Maverick Also available to watch digitally at home.

And if you are eager to experience a trip like this for yourself, you can do it! Sky Ace Fight Currently three sites. There is a flagship in Las Vegas, a San Diego location, and another location in Lake Tahoe. Cole got the idea for the facility when he was on active duty in the Air Force flying F-16s. “One of my favorite things in the military is taking people on motivational flights. These are people who aren’t pilots, but I’d throw them in the back of an F-16, and light the afterburner. and set fire to their hair.” He added, “They always came back with a smile from ear to ear saying it was the most amazing thing I’ve done in my life.” I can confirm that Cole and his colleagues replicate this experience and reaction with the flights offered at Sky Combat Ace.

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