With Love Season 2 Adds Isabella Gomez and Lisa Vidal


The cast of season 2 of with my love It is constantly growing in size as two new faces join the series. View Creator Gloria Calderon Kellett Advertise via Twitter who – which Lisa Vidal And the Isabella Gomez He will appear in the new season. She revealed the news while sharing an action-packed comment that read, “Heart blast!!! Two of my sweethearts!! I can’t wait for Liz and Diana to meet!” Vidal is back feelings.

As noted, Vidal and Gomez are set to play the characters Liz and Diana, although it’s unclear what their respective roles will be in the series. Based on what we know about the show’s overall structure from season one — and its focus on love of all kinds — the pair could be characters ranging from old friends, new romantic endeavors, or even yet to be introduced family members.

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Gomez and Vidal’s castings bring a few more reunions to the table. Gomez previously worked with Kellet on Netflix which turned into the original Pop TV One day at a time (ODAAT), which was produced and co-created by the CEO of Kellett. Gomez starred in the four-season show as Elena Alvarez, a lesbian teen with a passion for social justice. Gomez will also meet with co-star ODAAT Todd Grenell (Schneider) who plays the lead with my love Like Miles. In addition to her role as Elena, Gomez also starred in the series Matador. Her next project is the next adaptation of a YA book Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universein which she plays Gina.

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Vidal also meets Kellett after working together on the movie their history. It starred Vidal as Tatiana and was written and executed by Kellett. Besides film, Vidal has starred in a variety of notable projects. On TV, she is best known for her role as Kara Being Mary Jane Her last role was as Marie The baker and the beauty, among other things. Some of her most memorable film projects include VictorAnd the Star Trekand others.

with my love He debuted with a first five-episode season set across five holidays throughout the year. Mainly focused on siblings Jorge Jr. (Mark Indelicatoand Lily DiazEmerod Tobias) as they wander about new romantic activities. The season also gave plenty of screen time to Jorge’s and Lily’s parents as they ran into some difficulties in their marriage, as well as their cousin Sol (Isis King), who have entered into a new relationship of their own. As the season ended, viewers were left wondering who would be involved between Lilly, Jorge, and Sol. Season 2 will be captured from this thread. It will be six episodes total, with each one set the day before the wedding.

The series was created, written, and executive produced by Kellet, who also plays a recurring role on the show. New arrivals include additional series Philip is busyAnd the Cameron EspositoAnd the Scott EvansAnd the Janine MasonAnd the Lauren “Lulu” SpencerAnd the Adrian GonzalezAnd the Brianna Coco. Other series regulars include Constance MarieAnd the Vincent Rodriguez IIIAnd the Desmond HaimAnd the Benito MartinezAnd the Rome Flint.

with my love A release date for season two has not yet been set, but production is currently in progress. Revisit some of the best of Elena and Sid One day at a time Moments below:

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