World of Sci-Fi VR Adventure Hubris announced the release of a late 2022 release window

The 3D animation and VR specialist Cyborn is excited to announce that its coming VR action adventure Hubris will launch in Desktop VR platforms soon. The announcement was made via a new trailer which was put together for the games appearance at this year Gamescom, taking place on Saturday 24 August in Koln, Germany.

The 3D animation and VR specialist Cyborn is excited to announce its new VR action adventure, Hubris, will start on desktop VR platform in 2022.

The announcement was made through an official trailer – which made an official announcement about the Gamescom competition between the 12th and 26th of August in Koln, Germany. The trailer features a new gameplay and a fresh action shot that highlights what final gameplay should look like when the launch comes.

Hubris is a VR action-adventure game set in a unique and intriguing universe. When a person recruit of the Triple-O (or a short of OOO) sent to the Twin Planet system to search for a Cyanha agent, survival is a hazard of taking a breath to the harsh environment of the earth terraforming. Together with pilot Lucia, you have to fight the wicked enemies of the OOO.

It’s an engaging adventure, designed to be designed to turn VR into a full-time adventure.

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