Xbox Elite Controller 2, white, Amazon leaks possible release date

The new peripheral, The Xbox Elite Controller 2 White hasn't been released until now, hasn't it been reported from the Amazon website in the last few hours? As for the first time, the major e-commerce site has gone missing the new peripheral. While Tom Warren told The Verge in a tweet, it looks like [a] []'s been to it.

One would think that the Xbox Elite Lite 1 didn’t have a release date, but some new people said that the most famous gaming site of the world had no opportunity to take the new peripheral next.

As noted by Tom Warren of The Verge, it seems that the Xbox Elite Controller 2 in white version has appeared on Amazon with the date of the final release set for September 2, 2022, so it will be immediately deleted; there is a bug in the publication of the information, as has reported Tom.

The white Controller Lite was also spotted last March, but it hasn’t yet been released official information and details on the price and the purchase method. In spite of the simple appearance, it looks like this is about to be available in various online stores, yeay, with launch scheduled for September 2.

The white Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 version does not differ from the standard version, compared to the standard version, except for the luxury console. The new white colour is somewhat like a two-tone between black and white, in panda style.

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