You don’t need to be a member of today’s PS5 restock at Walmart

PS5 restock of Horizon Forbidden West bundle at Walmart

Walmart notified shoppers of the upcoming PS5 restock this morning, dropping a note on the listing page for the Horizon Forbidden West bundle. The $549 bundle (Opens in a new tab) Will hit shelves in 3 p.m. Eastern timeAnd the best part is that you don’t need to be a Walmart Plus member to join the game.

We’ve previously seen Walmart hide its PS5 restocks behind its paid subscription walls, allowing only full subscribers to access its stock drop over the past few months. However, after a quieter period – and a wave of stocks earlier this week – the retailer appears to have given up on this basic condition (for today at least). We still recommend logging into your Walmart account so you can save your payment and shipping information before noon today, to ensure you have the best possible chance when that stock lights up on the shelves.

PS5 Restocking at Walmart

(Image credit: Walmart)

The PS5 stock is actually a little easier to explore these days. Sony (Opens in a new tab) The special drops were coming thick and fast – and the PS5 bundle’s brand roster itself (Opens in a new tab) It doesn’t look like he’s completely out of work now. If you’re looking for a chance to get into a console before 3 PM ET, we recommend logging into your PlayStation account and checking out Sony Direct. Playing the long game? Amazon (Opens in a new tab) They also offer email invitations, with a chance to be selected for the next drop from the retailer.

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