Bandai Namco Admits July Hacks Could Expose Customer Information?

Back in July, Bandai Namco revealed a hack of the company's servers. As of the time, the publisher of Elden Ring offered limited information on what was taken but stated that customers "was included in the servers and the computers". Earlier today, Bandai Namco offered a "...

Bandai Namco revealed a hack of the company’s servers back in July. In the same time, the publisher of Elden Ring offered hardly any information about what was taken, but stated that customer information was “Included in the servers and PCs”. Today, Bandai Namco offered a follow-up to the statement, stating “disabled and utterly false information” since the hack can’t be denied.” The company went on to warn that it hasn’t confirmed such cases yet, but did provide an email address for users to report possible “information leakage”.

“We apologize deeply to all involved in the seriousness and inconvenience that this can cause.” Any future issues like disclosure will be announced immediately,” says the statement.

At that point, those who have bought the games or the content directly from Bandai Namco will probably have a little idea whether their information was leaked or not in part of the hack. It seems a lot of customers who could have had their information stolen would have been “in Asia (excluding Japan),” so that it seems that even those who have been in North America and Europe may not have existed. To maintain its security, Bandai Namco pledged to “structuralize its system of information and work to prevent repeated recurrence.” It might seem difficult to believe that all of those who already have been given their information stolen or shared online could do that, but I hope that it’ll help to prevent another incident from happening in the future.

Unfortunately, the such a hack became notorious in the videogame industry, and the entire Internet. Bandai Namco is one of the smallest and oldest game publishers, which made them a big target for ransomware groups. It’s not clear what a seriousness the Bandai Namco is able to take for this data leak is and how much firm’s response to its future security needs is.

Will this cause you less chances to spend money directly with Bandai Namco? Are you ill-known in these types of hacks?

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