Should Gladrill return to Valinor when she had the chance?


The long awaited first episode rings of strength The series certainly ended on a cliff, as Galadriel hopped aboard while the boat full of her fellow elves crossed the threshold back to Valinor. It is clear at the moment that this was a very difficult and painful decision for her. She alternates between leaving Middle Earth and staying, until the last minute, which makes for a very intense scene.

In the end, like those who watched or read the original text Lord of the rings You’ll know, she chose to stay and sacrifice her chance to return to her home in Valinor. This left fans shocked by this abrupt ending, as the hero was left stranded in a dangerous sea, under a dark and ominous sky. Until the release of the next episode, it was unknown how she would survive. This begs the question: Should Gladrill have returned to the Undying Lands when she had the chance?

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Right from the start, this is a vociferous question for Galadriel. Her chance to return home is presented as a “gift” from the elven leader Gil Galad. It’s a great tribute to Galadriel and her team of soldiers, in recognition of their bravery in hunting down evil Sauron in the North to discover if his poison and malice still exist in the world. However, this gift comes just as Gladrill is close to fulfilling her mission. As such, it seemed to her that she was expelled before she was fully ready to leave the world, as if there were ulterior motives or nefarious intentions. Galadriel already has a sense of this warning in her heart, which is what led her to her decision to give up her home and stay to fight for Middle Earth instead.

It is a gift and a privilege to be given a place in the supernatural lands, which many elves long for. However, it also comes with very high risks, warns Elrond Galadriel:

No one in history has turned down the call. Do it now, and it may never happen again. You will remain here, outcast, poisoned in whispers and dark dreams.”

Fortunately for Galadriel, this is not the case. She declines the initial call, but eventually makes her way to Valinor at the end Lord of the rings. However, thousands of years have passed, and these years are already filled with dark whispers just as Elrond warns. In that sense, Galadriel might have been better off accepting the gift of the Flare and going home when she had the opportunity. If she had done so, she would have avoided all the terrible events of the War of the Ring taking place through her the hobbit and the Lord of the rings. She would exist outside the realm of knowing Sauron’s fate and wickedness.

But in this case, ignorance would not give her the rest she so desperately desired to return to the gray havens. She explains to Elrond:

“And in the West, do you think my fate would be better? My song was mocking the cries of battle in my ears. You say I have won victory over all the horrors of Middle-earth, but you will leave them alive in me, to take with me. It does not die. It does not change, it does not break.”

Gladrill clearly feels connected to the fate of the world that her brother died to protect, and feels a responsibility to help protect him from the evil she feels in her heart that still exists. Her brother taught her to trust her instincts and follow what she believes in, which is exactly what she remembers when she looks at his dagger on the boat. Therefore, her heart would never rest and found salvation in Valinor, afraid that she had abandoned Middle-earth to darkness. She would always be at odds with the calm and beauty around her.

This is a feeling and knowledge that is inside of her that none of the others can understand. He worried that he would eat her up, even in the paradise of her people. Elrond urges her to:

“Only in the blessed world can what is broken in you heal. Go there! Go, and I promise you, if a whisper of a rumor about the threat you perceive is true, I will not calm down until it is corrected.”

But for Galadriel, there is no healing until she knows that the evil is truly gone, and that the world she has been observing for so long is finally safe. That was why she couldn’t leave, and why in the end it was better for her to stay and fight. In this way, when she finally makes her journey to the Immortal Lands of the Third Age, she knows that she is leaving the world in the good hands of Aragorn, Eomer, and the Hobbit. Thus, she could actually find peace in returning to her childhood starlit world, having finally completed the task she had given herself long ago.

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