How to get Wandering Tyrant AKM in PUBG and BGMI for free

wandering tyrant AKM
How to get the wandering tyrant AKM

The creators of PUBG and BGMI (the Indian version of Pubg) periodically introduce new weapon skins to enhance the player’s battle royale experience. Recently, a new upgradeable appearance of the AKM was introduced in the game, the Wandering Tyrant AKM. The craze for this new form of AKM among gamers has been phenomenal. However, this is the first layer of AKM in PUBG and BGMI which can be upgraded to level 8. All players are trying their luck in getting the new AKM skin. So, today we are going to show you some of the ways you can get this new AKM skin for free.

AKM Tyrant Walkthrough

How to get Wandering Tyrant AKM Skin in Pubg and BGMI for free

Method 1 (with UCSD)

Wandering Tyrant AKM was presented on June 3 in PUBG and BGMI. The new AKM skin is by far the best AKM skin in the game. Moreover, this gun appearance is in the lucky tabs located in the events section of the game. The first way to get a new AKM skin is to spend UC. As it is the first AKM Level 8 pistol, it will cost users a lot of UC to get this rifle look.

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Method 2 (Wandering Tyrant AKM Redeem Code)

The easiest way to get this AKM look is via a redeem code. With Wandering Tyrant AKM redemption codes, players can easily get this gun skin for free. However, it is very difficult to find redemption codes for this new AKM skin. But we have found some redeem codes that players can try and use to get the new AKM skin for free.

Check BGMI 2022 Redemption Codes

Method 3 (with free UC win)

There are many ways to earn free UC for Pubg and BGMI. If you do not have enough money to buy UC in the game, you can download and use some third party apps that provide UC for free or money with which you can buy UC in game. Here is a list of some of the apps that save money and UC for free for their users.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

2. Winzo

3. Pocket money

4. Rose paint

5. Mission Fellow

So, by winning free money and UC from these apps, the player can use their Wandering Tyrant AKM Spin in the game to get Gun skin absolutely free.

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